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EXCELLENT Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing
Chicago, IL

What we can do for Kitchen Remodeling Chicago

Over the course of many years, we have acquired the experience and skill needed to provide the most comprehensive options for kitchen remodeling Chicago. We’ll work with you for the best solution to update or upgrade your kitchen on a budget that is comfortable for you. If a complete kitchen remodeling sounds like too large a task, our professional contractors can do a cabinet refinishing instead. You can have the new style of kitchen you want at a fraction of the time and cost.

There are a number of ways to renovate a kitchen and they don’t always result in ripping out all your cabinets and countertops to replace them with brand new ones. We can do that for you or we can take an economical approach to kitchen remodeling. Our services range from the small project, like kitchen cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing, to the full-scale remodeling and everything in between.

We are a well-recognized company for kitchen cabinet refinishing in Chicago, so we can take your existing kitchen and make it shine again.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Chicago, IL

Want a new kitchen on a budget? We can work with your existing kitchen cabinetry to provide expert kitchen cabinet refinishing that will restore your entire kitchen back to its beautiful glory.

    • Cabinet Painting chicago

      Cabinet Painting Chicago

      Our professional kitchen cabinet painting can make your old cabinets look like new again with the perfect finish you’re looking for and we can do it in any color you want.

    • Cabinet Refinishing chicago

      Cabinet Refinishing Chicago

      Give your kitchen a new look with cabinet refinishing. We will completely overhaul your cabinets to provide a fresh new kitchen you will love at a budget you will be happy with.

    • Cabinet Refacing chicago

      Cabinet Refacing Chicago

      Our kitchen cabinet refacing option will change everything about how you view your kitchen. The color, the shine, moldings, and hardware can all be updated for a new kitchen you can be proud of for years of enjoyment.

Excellent Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing Chicago, IL

Kitchen Remodeling Chicago Without Breaking the Bank

No matter where you go, kitchen remodeling near me in Chicago can be very costly and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have the kitchen you want quickly and at a fraction of the cost with EXCELLENT Kitchen and Cabinets. Our focus is kitchen remodeling Chicago on a budget. That’s why we specialize in cabinet refinishing.

Rather than completely removing your old cabinets and replacing them with new ones, we reuse your old cabinets after we have updated their look. Our service provides kitchen cabinet refinishing and kitchen cabinet painting in Chicago. Updating your cabinets can save a lot of money toward your kitchen renovation.

Make your kitchen new again on a tight budget with kitchen cabinet refacing in Chicago. Our incredible contractors can update your kitchen’s color, style, and shine with a low-cost kitchen cabinet refinishing you will appreciate.

Discover Modern Kitchen Transformations!

Speak to us about kitchen remodeling Chicago and bring your space into the modern era.

kitchen cabinets refinishing

Why Hire Professionals for Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing & Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Giving your worn-out kitchen a brand new look doesn’t need a complete kitchen makeover. Instead, you can save time and money with kitchen cabinet refacing. A great cabinet refinishing does not have to sacrifice quality either. A professional contractor who specializes in cabinet refacing in Chicago is the key to getting the most out of your investment. The right person with solid skills and experience can make a huge difference with the proper tools and knowledge to make sure your cabinet refacing is installed so that all of the edges and seams are flawless. A true professional will also know how to contain and eliminate the dust and particulates for a clean job. Whether you want a complete kitchen cabinet refinishing or kitchen cabinet painting in Chicago, the project takes time and effort that most people can’t put forth. That’s where a professional EXCELLENT Kitchen Remodeling near me in Chicago contractors come in to save both money and time in the long-run.

Three Great Reasons to Choose EXCELLENT Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinet Refinishing near Chicago, IL


We have many years of experience behind us, making our contractors experts in superior workmanship. Our job is to make sure every detail is completed to the highest standard.


Because we know price matters, we offer very competitive prices. Even better than that, we will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the budget before the work begins.


Our contractors use only the highest quality materials for all our projects. We stand by the materials we use because our great workmanship depends on top grade material.

How Cabinet Refinishing & Cabinet Refacing Process Looks Like

When going through cabinet refinishing, expect several steps. It begins with removing the old finish, and depending on the current finish, EXCELLENT Kitchen Remodeling Chicago will determine the kind of stripper to use. Then, we clean every surface with a solvent or furniture cleaner. It is necessary to sand down the wood surfaces to care for any grain that was raised when stripping, and to ensure all of the old finish is removed. The next phase is to apply the new finish and there are many options available. Our experts in cabinet refinishing in Chicago will help you make the right decision for the best look for your kitchen renovation. Finally, when ready, your cabinet doors will be reinstalled and adjusted to function perfectly so they are once again ready to use.

Kitchen Remodeling near Chicago: Is Painting Or Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets A Better Option For Me?

When it comes to your kitchen remodeling Chicago, one of the decisions that you have to make is whether you have to refinish or paint your cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is known for rather enhancing than hiding the character of natural wood grains. It also restores the color and corrects any blemishes for a fair price. With this method, it can be completed fast. Cabinet refinishing also adds more dimension to a kitchen than a solid cabinet can, but this is only limited to more natural tones than painted cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet painting, on the other hand, provides different color choices that you want. If you are not a fan of the natural wood shade, cabinet painting is the best for you. It is also a good choice if you want a solid bright color instead of natural, textured cabinets. However, if done wrong, after some time you might notice that the cabinets will be more prone to things like the paint chipping or dull spots potentially developing over time. If painting is the method you choose, the best choice is to have it done by a kitchen cabinet painting company.

Kitchen Renovation Chicago, IL Mistakes to Avoid

Having an Unrealistic Budget: When it comes to your kitchen renovation in Chicago, you must set your expectations to make sure you achieve the results you want but still within your budget. If this is not followed, you may have to cut corners to finish the project or run your finances dry to avoid any compromises. Excellent Kitchen Renovation is here to help you.

Selecting the Wrong Materials for Your Lifestyle: Your lifestyle is a significant factor when it comes to kitchen renovations in Chicago. It will help you determine the materials that will work best in your kitchen. If you like to cook with cast iron pans, laminate countertops are the best material to use since others tend to be delicate and will not last long.

Completing the Kitchen Renovations Yourself: During your kitchen renovations in Chicago, you can potentially save money on labor by doing it yourself as first thought. Now, there’s a lot more to kitchen renovations, such as tearing old materials out and replacing them with new ones can be tricky. Excellent Kitchen Renovation is here to ensure the job is done right.

  • "Our contractors use only the highest quality materials for all our projects. We stand by the materials we use because our great workmanship depends on top grade material."

    Barbara B. Lyons
  • "After speaking with these people for kitchen cabinet refacing in Chicago, I realized I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do a full kitchen remodeling. They turned my drab kitchen into a bright new space again. They get my thanks and my recommendation."

    Richard C. Andrews
  • "For an entire kitchen remodeling in Chicago, this contractor is superb! They are easy to work with and they do an excellent job. They really take care of the fine details. I will call them again. "

    Suzanne Henderson


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